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Often the moments during a birth can become blurry memories but having this incredibly special event documented means that you can continue to remember that first moment you saw and held your precious baby forever.


For me, keeping an account of the birth of your child is another way to express your love for them.   What can be more powerful for a child, than to see the images of their Mama working so hard to bring them into the world and the images of their other parent supporting their Mama and then everyone’s delight in meeting them for the first time?  I think any child would know how special they are upon viewing such images.


DO YOU PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHINGI can, however, saying that I understand that everyone has different boundaries.  While some Mamas are keen to have emerging shots other Mamas prefer not to.  We will discuss this fully when we meet and I will respect whatever decisions you choose. I try to arrive when you are in established labour and stay for the entire birth up until about 1.5 – 2 hours after baby has arrived to capture all I can

e.g., first cuddles and feed etc.  


DO YOU SHARE ON THE INTERNET? Your privacy is paramount and while I love to share births on my website and within my social media sites, I would never show anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable or regret having me present. I always get the OK before sharing any images. You have control over what is shared and I will always get your permission first.

WHAT IS YOUR EDITING PROCESS SURROUNDING MY PRIVACY? It’s really important to me to respect your privacy so I do all my first edits completely alone.  My husband is at work and my child is at school.


WILL WE MEET BEFOREHAND? It's preferable to have an initial meeting prior to the birth of your baby where we can chat and I can answer any questions you may have.  It’s good to also meet with your partner and it gives you both the opportunity to decide if it is me you want to attend and document this occasion for you.

WHEN DO YOU SHOW UP? It's best to inform me when you are in the early stages of labour so I can prepare myself and I like to arrive when you are in established labour around 5cm dilated.  Some labours move very quickly and others don’t so if you feel things are progressing quickly then you let me know asap.

WILL YOU STAY - EVEN IF I HAVE A LONG LABOUR? I will stay until your baby has been born and up till 1-2 hours after.  I am prepared for long labours  


WHAT IF I HAVE A C-SECTION? If your C-Section is unplanned I can capture labour photos and then be there when you come out of recovery to capture as many of the firsts as I can. If your C-Section is planned it is possible that a birth photographer won’t be welcome in theatre, so we can plan for me to be there when you come out of recovery.


SHOULD I BOOK IMMEDIATELY? If you think you would like me to attend the birth of your baby, then make contact immediately as I book limited amounts of births so I can be available for each one. 


ARE PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE? Yes, this is possible, contact me and I will explain how you can do this.


HOW LONG WILL I HAVE TO WAIT BEFORE I GET MY PHOTOS? I aim to have your products delivered 4 weeks after your baby has been born, sometimes (rarely) it may take up to 6 weeks


I only want for you to feel comfortable, I do try to move around where I can to get various different shots but I do my very best to blend in. 

I like to take a fly on the wall approach and try to be as unnoticed as I can be.






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