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One facet of photography is being able to use it as a tool to share a message, raise awareness and to educate. 

This is what excites me about photography.  I have been playing with the idea for some time about collaborating with others

to create projects that do so much more than just make and display a picture. 

Images that really speak to people are the most powerful. I find being a part of the process and final outcome of such projects to be so satisfying.  I love that I might be involved in something that may bring others to see the world differently. 

If you are as passionate as I am and have a project in mind and happen to be searching for a photographer don't hesitate to get in touch as we might be able to work together on something fabulous! 

The topic of breast cancer is one that is close to my heart.  I had just turned 33 when I found what turned out to be 3 lumps in my breast.

I found them by accident, I wasn’t looking and sometimes I feel ill when I think, “What if I hadn’t found them when I did?” “What if I had been too late?” I feel grateful everyday to be here and I feel strongly that it is important that other young women understand that this isn’t just an older woman’s disease.

For this reason I have felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to share a simple message through a series of 'magazine covers' that promotes regular self checking.

In NZ free breast screening in the form of mammograms aren’t available to women under 45 as often breast tissue is just too dense for a mammogram to be effective. This doesn’t mean however that breast cancer in young women isn’t a thing.


For this campaign I have photographed women who were all under 45 at their diagnosis. The youngest participant was just 27 at hers!

But she is not by far the youngest person to have had breast cancer.  This tells me that we need to share this information with other young women and encourage ALL women to be proactive about their own health by making self-checking their breasts part of their normal monthly routine because If you learn your own ‘normal’ then you will know if something ever appears as not your own normal. And quite frankly this gives you a better chance of survival.

This has been a collaborative project together with my very talented friend Eloise of The Bespoke Designer Without Elly's amazing Design skills this project would never have been more than just an idea.  with our skills combined I think we have created something honest and real and we hope it reaches and informs people all over Aotearoa and the world. 


Two of our beautiful participants are no longer with us and their loss is very deep and raw and heartbreaking to so many. 

Their families have given us permission to keep them in our project and we are so incredibly grateful. 

We dedicate this to them and their loved ones.  

Here is a short introduction to our AWARENESS EDGE: Breast-Wise Edition campaign, and we will be talking with Ines from 'Girls Talk Business' live on Monday 31st October at midday.

AWARENESS EDGE: Breast-Wise Edition Campaign


Each participant within this project has a story of their own to share and regardless of the story,

the message is simple 

"I am more than just..."

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